Timeless original mosaics and architectural wood carvings
become part of your life...and your environment.

Noah's Ark - God Keeps Promises
Wood Carving

ArtisansQuarter, LLC, helps you integrate heirloom-quality creations into the places that mean the most to you – your corporate setting, your church and your own home.

Working in the age-old media of mosaic and wood, our talented artisans create unique artworks of substance and lasting beauty – inspiring art for architectural spaces of all sizes and intents. Every piece is completely handmade, from selecting materials with a discerning eye for texture, color and quality to shaping the finished work of art.

Browse our growing gallery of popular designs. Each is created one by one to your order, permitting us to meet your most exacting specifications.

We also design and produce custom mosaics based on your own ideas – the concepts and quotes that inspire you. These originals are true collaborations between our clients and our artisans for the most meaningful installations in your architectural and living space.

That's vitally important! Mosaics and carved wood are different than many art forms in that they're never here-today-gone-tomorrow. Instead, they become a truly lasting part of your life and those who will follow you – a joy today, and a legacy tomorrow.

A joy today, and a legacy tomorrow.

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