Meet the Artisans

Laurie Hoium

Laurie Hoium has been immersed in the medium of mosaic since her days as a college art student. She apprenticed with well-known liturgical mosaic artist David Hetland as a teen-ager. Today, more than 35 years later, her command of the medium is unmatched.

Though her raw material – tiles of vitreous glass – is, in itself, simple and rigid, in Laurie's expert hands it can be infused with movement, brilliance and light. Her designs feature flowing lines, brilliant color and stunning detail … works of art that so far surpass the material of their birth that they become stunning eye-opening inventions that enrich your everyday experience.

Bruce Hoium

Bruce Hoium's ways with wood include both handsome, practical applications – stylish three-dimensional signage, for example – and original works incorporating the warmth and texture of nature's living “art medium” into public and private living spaces.

An experienced artisan expert in both digital and traditional design, Bruce prefers to work with timeless tools when carving wood into architectural wall installations and free-standing sculptures. All of his work is original. He works with interior designers as well as individuals to capture the spirit of the spaces they envision.

A joy today, and a legacy tomorrow.

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